Tighten your abs, strengthen your core, and build long, lean muscle with Antidote. Classes are designed around three of the most central aspects of wellness maintenance. You will learn ELDOA, myofascial stretching, and proper respiration, the best techniques available for balancing the body and bringing lasting pain relief and prevention. Learn how to manipulate muscular range of motion to target specific areas that are difficult to train while you increase stability in your spine and limbs. Other classes offered include segmental abdominal strengthening for diastasis and other conditions, and circulatory pumping exercises for inflammation and varicose veins. 

Whether you are trying to stay healthy for your kids, an elite athlete trying to reach maximum performance, or injured and looking for pre- or post-surgical rehabilitative exercise, I will provide you the tools to become your own best trainer. Contact me today to see why I was consistently a top-producer during my time at VillaSport The Woodlands, and why top level coaches and athletes from the NHL, NFL, MLB, PGA and NCAA are actively seeking Soma Practitioners to balance their athletes.